Movie nights


To quote Morrissey ‘ Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.’

My parents are early adopters. Along with the microwave oven (see below post about Alison Holst in our kitchen) they also were among the first people I knew to own a video.

My brother and I were beside each other with excitement but there was one problem – my father wouldn’t let us hire videos.

‘They’re too expensive,’ he cried.

We were bewildered and outraged (often our normal pre-teen state).

‘It’s only $5 to hire a video,’ I reply.

‘$5 is a lot of money,’ he replies back.  I know realise $5 was a lot of money in 1987. It would be like $50 today?

I pointed out that there wasn’t much point in having a video player if we couldn’t hire videos to watch. I’m sure this helped my case.

My father came up with a solution.

‘I’ve recorded lots of things off the TV.’

‘Raiders of the Lost Ark, The 1987 World Cup and Are you Being Served?’

He replied with the classic parent end of discussion – ‘It’s that or nothing.’

I have seen Raiders of the Lost Ark 12 times….

We have initiated ‘Friday Night Movie Night’ in our house. However we have discovered that our local shop hires DVDs for $1 on a Monday and the local library for $2 anytime (but we have seen those).

Our children pulled out Raiders of the Lost Ark last time we were there and asked for it.  Fortunately my husband remembered the grizzly scene in it and we decided it would have to wait a few years.