Competitions – win free stuff (*** winning not guaranteed)

My father-in-law suggests that you should hold a bottle of wine the way you should hold a woman -‘Not round the neck, round the bottom.’

I suggest – possibly less controversially, that you should select competitions to enter like selecting a partner: selectively with a view to spending energy on something that suits you.

When I was eighteen and home from University I was reading the Sunday News at my parent’s place and came across a competitions for tickets to Billy Bragg. I wondered how many Billy Bragg fans would also be Sunday News fans….I entered for myself and my boyfriend: we won both sets of double passes for Dunedin.

Local newspapers – which I have a soft spot for (Sausages win first prize! True headline…but bless not death or grim news that’s why I love them) often have free giveaways for concerts. A lot of competitions nowdays are email based however I think you often have a better chance if you have to send an envelope in.

The kuds (kids in a NZ accent) and I entered a competition in a local newspaper.