Bowls and Sausages – check out Open Day Events

I love community newspapers and I anticpate their arrival (tragic – but then I am gardening so my foggyness is complete) with an excitement I used to reserve for reading The NME, Melody Maker, The Face and The New Yorker. But what really excites me is The Community Hotline that is specifically for our small (the size of my High School) town; when that arrives I read it cover to cover.

This is where I discovered that our local Community Bowls club was having an Open Day and that it was $3 per person and you could register a team of four. I excitedly rang my friend Y she wasn’t quite as excited as me she said, hmmm what were the words ‘If you’re desparate I’ll do it’. I rang around my sports team and convinced ML and P (a pseudonym not the dangerous drug) to play. They weren’t as keen as me:

‘Why are we doing it?’

‘Bowls? Like what old people play?’

I had my ace ‘It’s only $3.’

Seriously, even if we hate it, it’s only $3.

I rang Y back and she reluctantly agreed. I think it helped that I reassured her that there was a very strong possibility that I would be crap. I told her about the time I played indoor bowling and my friend’s four year old son and seventy year old mother both bet me.

I rang up to register – and it gets even better ‘It is three dollars,’ said the woman on the other end in a slightly apologetic tone, ‘however you do get sausages and bread after the game.’

So we headed along on the night. One blip was we had to think of a team name. I hate thinking of team names, we went back and forth while the lovely Octegenarian suggested options including the names of Australian teams after we told him we played sport together.

So we begin our game with the help of a lovely gentleman who gave us such advice as ‘There’s nothing to it.’ However when it was my turn he changed his tune to saying ‘Not that like that!’

It was surprisingly fun and we even won some games – when I say we, I mean my team mates helped us win. I helped us get a team together. As well as the game, there was also the opportunity to chat to your team and the opposite team (when the other side was playing). Did I also mention the reasonably priced beer?

So after the games we came inside for sausages, sauce  and bread. There was also a raffle with $1 tickets. My excitement continued when I thought one of the prizes was a chicken, and then was bitterly disappointed when I realised it was of course a frozen chicken (we’re in the county, people bring pet pigs to pet day).

One of the best aspects was socialising with a wide variety of people – 70+s, teenagers, and everyone else in between.

So I headed home having splashed out and spent $9 (with the beer and the raffle tickets) in the end for four hours of entertainment.