Swop a top

A long, long time ago (even longer if I am doing something very glamorous like changing a wet bed at 5am – not mine!) my friend and I were in a comedy group and we decided to write a second sketch involving beer, just so we could open up a second beer on stage. We thought this was very rock n roll. We wouldn’t drink that much – just a few sips, however we did finish them after the show (I can’t stand waste). Even more rock n roll (even more so than Kate Winslet’s husband) was the time we drank our props the night before the Comedy Competitions in Hamilton (and I drunkenly called KFC to see if they delivered) and we had to buy some more.

So the swop a top idea (I did not invent it – I heard about it don’t know why it is called swop a top, probably because of the excellent rhyme, you can swop more than tops) came about because I:

a) needed an excuse/a way to get rid of my 15 years of opshopping gear (my mother once counted my jackets when I was 17 – I had 28) before I went on my O.E.
b) needed an excuse/ a way to drink gin and tonic during the week.

I invited a group of friends around and invited them to drink and try on clothes and then take home anything they fancied. They left with about five bags each and I took the rest back to the opshop.

For me the only rule of swop a top is to bring any item/s of clothing that you still like but you never end up wearing; it just sits in the wardrobe. Everyone brings clothes and they all end up either in a pile on the floor or (if you’re really fancy and organised) on a rack. Then everyone starts trying on clothes. I’ve never been one for ‘rules’ for how many items people can have or getting ‘agreement’ as all the ones I’ve hosted or been to have just worked out and have been loads of fun. Everyone seems to find a few pieces that they love and people will offer clothes to others if they feel that they have more than their share.

My friend C took it to another level when she got us to drop all the leftover suit/corporate clothing to Dress for Success after we had finished and then the remaining clothing to Women’s Refuge.