Farmers’ Markets

Okay, so you won’t necessarily get the cheapest goods at’s Markets however you get to buy really good value for money, super fresh produce direct from the makers, in a lovely environment and feel super good about supporting local people. I also find it is comparable to the supermarket and sometimes cheaper.
Ever since moving to the country I’ve been hugely keen on buying local where I can. Child Rua (can’t call him child number 2 – sounds like a euphemism) and I headed down to the Farmer’s Market yesterday morning (Child Tahi stayed at home and read comics).
We met a friend of ours and wandered around the stalls: honey, eggs, vegetables and fruit, organic vegetables and fruit, coffee, bread, fish, meat, and chutneys.
I bought some amazing grapes (like the kind your Grandparents grew or the kind I spent money on at Commonsense Organics) $7 for an amazing paper bag full. I also bought some incredible – award winning – local cheese as a treat to take to a BBQ. I bought vegetables and fruit and honey and bumped into friends – it felt like living in France. We then sat down on the grass while Rua ate the pinwheel scone I had bought him ($2) and chatted to some other local acquaintances. Rua then wanted to climb the statue of a dead war hero but I persuaded him just to run around on the grass instead.

Two hours after we arrived we walked home.